International Paint Stockists in Ayrshire

Posted on Wednesday 16th September 2015 13:00 by kylechandlers

With a passion for performance, International deliver pioneering marine coating technologies which will keep your vessel protected for a lifetime at sea. That's why, here at Kyle Chandlers on the west coast of Scotland we are a proud stockist of this ultimate brand leader in marine protection. 

Alongside the great functional advantages to the International range it is also important to highlight that many of their products include Biolux® technology which is proven to be 240 times more effective against algae than copper. This amazing technology offers the strongest protection ever developed against the full spectrum of fouling shells, weeds and slime. 

The International range is vast and available both in store and here on our website. The products we stock include International Matting Additive which is perfect for achieving satin, gloss or matt finishes, Interspeed Ultra which is formualted for high speed crafts and Pre-Kote which offers a tough, smooth and long lasting base for the finishing coat.