New Product Launches

Posted on Thursday 4th September 2014 16:36 by kylechandlers

Keep your eyes out for regular product launches on the site, as over the past few months we have been launching new products.

For example, recently we have launched some amazing products such as: Floating Fender Key Rings,  Boat Warden System and the all new Hurricane Boarding Fender .

Some of these products were designed to compliment the existing range of products within the Kyle Chandlers range, however some were also a brand new addition in order so add some ingenuity.

Some of these products, for example, the Floating Fender Keyring, are so simple but yet very effective for anyone who owns a yacht.

Perhaps you are often bending over and tying ropes, while docking and dropping your keys into the water, this product was designed to alleviate those problems.

The bright colours along with the floating ability means that you will no longer lose your keys for good. 

 Also, the Boat Warden System is a high tech device that allows you to monitor your boats security via your mobile device.

With various features, including, controlling your boats security via GPS and being notified of things such as low battery levels and breaches of security via texts messages, this product really is 'All Singing All Dancing