Offers and Prizes

Posted on Friday 27th February 2015 14:35 by kylechandlers

Did you know that we have an ongoing monthly in-store prize draw?  Some of our draw prizes to date have included an Aquafleece Beanie, Hot Hands glove inserts, a Buff Original multifunctional headwear item and the book 'Tall Ships Today'.

We are pleased to announce that the in-store prize up for grabs this month will be a Windex 10" precision wind indicator.  The 10" model comes with Sapphire Suspension Technology making it possible to recognize changes in the wind direction as small as one degree and is extremely sturdy in all wind conditions being wind tunnel tested in speeds up to 80 knots, making this a valued prize worth having.

We also have a 'Featured Products Range' on our website and presently on offer are International paint thinners, varnishes and antifouling which are available in various sizes.

Both of the above offers make it worthwhile either coming into store or visiting us online, where we will be pleased to welcome you with our best continued service.