Stockists of Wessex Cleaners in Ayrshire

Posted on Wednesday 9th December 2015 15:00 by kylechandlers

Wessex Cleaners are a well known brand throughout many different industries and for a variety of uses. We stock Wessex Cleaners as a trusted marine brand whose range of products enhance and maintain various areas of your boat in complete confidence that the product range has been carefully selected to reflect the highest of standards, to be of the benefit to each and every individual customer and be available to the public at realistic prices. 

Our range of Wessex Cleaners includes Canopy Cleaner, Odour Eliminator, Sail Cleaner, Teak Cleaner, Boraquat and Teak Renovator which can all be purchased online or in store. To browse our current Wessex range please click here or pop into our store at Troon Yacht Haven.