Posted on Monday 27th April 2015 06:14 by kylechandlers

Did you know that at Kyle Chandlers we also sell SuperSpout?

If you haven't heard this is a great product that has a unique patented design to transfer liquid from a Jerry/Plastic Fuel Can to the recipient. SuperSpout uses a vacuum to control the liquid through the spout to the tank and stops the flow of liquid once the tank is full. This makes filling your tank faster, more efficient and avoids dangerous, expensive fuel spills.

The SuperSpout is available in store at our shop in Troon Yacht Haven or on our website at

The Standard SuperSpout to fit Plastic Fuel cans is only £10.99 and the SuperSpout Pro to fit metal Jerry Cans is only £14.99.

Why not visit us instore or online to get your great deal on a SuperSpout today!