The Ardrossan Ferry could be Moving to Troon

Posted on Friday 11th November 2016 10:00 by kylechandlers

Troon and Ardrossan are locked in a ‘battle of the ports’. A month ago, Associated British Ports announced a surprise bid to change the port for the Arran ferry from Ardrossan to Troon.

ABP have said that they will provide an £8 million investment to upgrade the terminal, making it more practical for year round trips - something the Ardrossan terminal cannot offer at the moment - alongside a £50,000 a year community fund for the residents of Arran. However, in a counter attack, Peel Ports - the owners of the Ardrossan port - have said that should it be a guarantee that the ferry route will remain with Ardrossan, they will invest unspecified millions into the refurbishment and upgrade of the Ardrossan harbour.

It is not only the port owners who are locked in a battle, both North and South Ayrshire Councils are also at odds over the port change. North Ayrshire have claimed that the move to Troon would be ‘cataclysmic’ for Ardrossan, however, South Ayrshire have claimed that this is the time for change, and Troon is equipped take on the challenge.

In an unexpected turn of the events, the residents of Arran have rallied in their numbers and taken to Ardrossan harbour to protest the proposed Arran ferry port change. Despite the move meaning the ferry would run year round, something which Ardrossan cannot guarantee after over 250 trips last year were cancelled due to bad weather. Armed with a petition of over 1,500 names and signs sporting the slogan ‘#SaveOurFerry’, Council Leader Joe Cullinane said ““The case for Troon makes no sense but the case for keeping the Arran ferry sailing from Ardrossan is irresistible.”

The future remains uncertain, however, Transport Minister Humza Yousaf has launched an investigation into the viability of the move to ensure that the best decision is made.