Time for Resins and Hardeners

Posted on Tuesday 31st March 2015 00:01 by kylechandlers

Although fiberglass boats are far more durable than wooden boats and initially require less maintenance, both these type of crafts are not without problems due to possible damage from collisions, groundings, mooring bumps, and common forces of nature.

Fiberglass boats can also suffer from many of the same age related problems of fatigue and moisture that have been associated with older traditionally built wooden boats hence the need to inspect and maintain your fibergalss boats as you would a wooden boat.

Kyle Chandlers stock a selection of West Systems products including glass cloth, resins, hardeners and fillers

Resins are for use with hardeners, which can be cured in a wide temperature range. The resin is the base material of this product range and is designed specifically for use with the West Systems hardeners. The fillers and additives can be added to the epoxy resin and hardener mix to modify the epoxy to suit a range of applications. The hardeners can be selected by intended use, cure speed and temperature range best suited for the job in hand.

To complete the set we also stock a West Systems 301B Pump set which is designed for convenient and accurate dispensing of West System 105 Resin and 205/206 Hardeners.

Please see the West Systems range on Kyle Chandlers website. These products can be bought in-store or online.