Winter Boat Maintenance

Posted on Tuesday 27th January 2015 16:00 by kylechandlers

Winter had arrived once again and our boats have had their quota of antifreeze, are out of the water and structurally secure enduring the winter cold. Now is the time for internal and external inspection and maintenance.

Kyle Chandlers have a range of products in our maintenance section, including anodes and anti-foul, fuel line connectors and hoses to help you to confidently carry out these routine winter tasks needed to get your 'pride and joy' seaworthy for the coming sailing season.

We also stock the necessary water additives and engine protection to keep your engine and water systems topped up. Once these products have been added to the appropriate level for the winter conditions, the systems should be checked and run periodically during the winter to ensure that the frost does not cause lasting damage.

If any part of your water system needs renewed we have funnels, pumps, tanks and purification in stock.

For external maintenance we stock the necessary anti-foul, primers and fillers, paints and finishes along with the tools to help complete the task.

Order online this January to receive a 15% discount.