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16" Heavy Duty Ball Fender

Fenders and Buoys » Ball Fender » 16" Heavy Duty Ball Fender

Hurricane Fenders are moulded in one piece from specially formulated UV resistant marine PVC. This provided maximum strength and superior quality, while eliminating the risk of 'fender failure' caused by separate inserts.

Our fenders are manufactured with high shoulders for added strength. This design spreads the stress through the fender, allowing even wall thickness and eliminating possible weak spots around the eye.

Our design includes integrated, engineered eyes which are moulded with an extra thickness of PVC. This offers a far more robust alternative to the more commonly used polypropylene inserts which can crack and damage the fender.

Hurricane fenders have an easy to use, football-style inflation valve. This allows pressure adjustments, even while your fender is attached to your boat, and ensures our fenders will not accidentally deflate.

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