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Epifanes - Spray Thinner

Paints and Finishes » Varnishes and Woodcare » Epifanes - Spray Thinner

Epifanes Spray Thinner is designed to be used with all Epifanes one-part Varnishes, Paints, Primers and Mono-Urethane Topside Paints. Made of fast evaporating solvents, ideal for viscosity reduction when spraying.

The ideal thinner for Epifanes famous Clear Gloss Varnish, Woodfinish Gloss, Woodfinish Matte, Rubbed Effect Varnish, Yacht Enamel and Mono-Urethane Yacht Paint.

Particularly suited for spraying; for brushing consider Epifanes Brush Thinner; other thinners are available for 2-component coatings (e.g. Poly-Urethane and PP Extra Varnish).

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