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Keela Sherpa Convertible Jacket (M) Red

Clothing » Keela Sherpa Convertible Jacket (M) Red

The Keela Sherpa Men's Thermal Jacket is a really effective and exceptionally good-value insulated jacket that you can choose to wear either as a mid-layer or as a top layer on its own depending on the prevailing conditions.
When the weather is warmer, however, this jacket really shows off its versatility because if you want additional exposure to the air and/or greater freedom of movement for your arms, you can detach the sleeves using the discreet zippers and wear the Keela Sherpa Men's Thermal Jacket as a gilet.

The outstanding quality of this thermal jacket is its Primaloft Gold fill.
Primaloft is an incredibly soft, lightweight and breathable fill with excellent water repellency so you remain dry, warm and comfortable even under the most extreme conditions. Just as warm as down weight for weight, Primaloft microfibres also resemble down in their size and shape, resulting in a nearly equal insulating performance when dry and an even more impressive performance when wet.

Despite its great price, the Keela Sherpa Men's Thermal Jacket does not stint on features with a two-way main zip, a neck baffle you can adjust single-handed and three zippered pockets.

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