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West Systems 501 Colouring Additive 0.125kg

Maintenance » West Systems(A-G,100-425 Series) » West Systems 501 Colouring Additive 0.125kg

West Systems Colouring Additives are blended with mixed epoxy to alter the physical properties of epoxy when used as a coating. Additives can be used to alter the color, abrasion resistance or moisture resistance of cured epoxy. This universal tinting pigment can be added to the epoxy mixture. Acrylic paste pigments are also used to tint the mixture, as long as they are specified for use with polyester or epoxy resin.

Coloring agents can be added to the mixed epoxy up to 5% by volume with minimal effect on the cured epoxy's strength. Coloring additives do not provide UV resistance to the cured epoxy, so limit their use to areas not exposed to sunlight unless additional UV protection is applied.

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